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Google Adwords Advertising

Does your website suffer from a lack of visitors and sales?  Google Adwords gives you an affordable, effective way to attract more customers and get the phones ringing.  From the ability to advertise locally or globally or anywhere in-between to reaching the right person at the right time,  Google Adwords is a proven advertising platform that can transform your business.

How does this work?

Reach your customers at the very moment they are searching on Google with a variety of ads including:

  • Text-based search ads
  • Graphic display ads
  • YouTube video ads
  • In-app mobile ads

Advertise your business across the web

  • Search ads – Your ads appear next to search results on Google, the largest search engine in the worlds.
  • Display ads – Put your business in front of millions of potential customers with text and banner ads on Gmail and a network of 2 million+ websites and apps. Your ads show up where your customers are.
  • Video ads – The little guy is no longer at a disadvantage with video advertising. By advertising on YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, you can share your story in a whole new way.
  • App ads – Looking to promote an app? Do so affordably and effectively across the entire Google network.

How does the pricing and budgeting work?

  • Pay only when someone visits your site or calls you. Imagine that an advertising program that works.
  • Don’t break the bank. You set your budget based on what you are trying to accomplish.  You can spend tens of thousands a month or several hundred, it’s your call.

Go global or stay local.

  • With Google Adwords you have the ability to target your neighborhood, your city, your state, your country or anywhere in the world.

Don’t guess if your ads are working, know!

  • With detailed reporting you will learn how many people were shown your ads, visited your site, bought something or completed another goal you determined as well as a number of other metrics including:
    • Visitor location
    • Day of week and time of day
    • Other pages they visited in your site
    • How long they stayed on your site
    • Much, much more.

Take the guess work out of getting sales with a professionally managed Google Adwords campaign by The Info Group.