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08 Apr

DuckDuckGo Integrates Bitcoin Price Quotes

I suspect most people don’t know what DuckDuckGo is but I also suspect many of the same haven’t a clue what Bitcoin is other than they recently heard it in the news.  Well if that is the case those people should really be excited to know DuckDuckGo is now showing

01 Feb

Atari for your iPad

Do you yearn for the old school Atari games? Of course you can download an app or find a version online to play but some of the fun playing those games was using the joystick and buttons, right? Well yearn no more a docking station for the iPad puts the

28 Oct

Using Google for Election Coverage

In their never ending mission to provide the most comprehensive information on all things, Google has launched The Google Election Center. At a basic level a user can submit their address and find their polling center. For programmers an api is available for building custom apps. The Google Election Center