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05 Nov

Facebook Wants To Read Between The Lines.

Mark Zuckerburg addressed investors last week and talked about a priority of Facebook to “understand the world.” Now this wasn’t him announcing some sort of journey of self discovery but instead their plan to expand the use of artificial intelligence to better understand what their users actions mean not just

17 Jun

Should you link to your Facebook page?

By now anyone with a basic understanding of SEO knows how important link building is to the health of a websites rankings.  Well the same idea is true for those social sites we all have to be active with these days.  To increase the popularity of your Facebook page involves

11 Jan

Improve in these 4 area’s this year to improve your online presence!

Every January there is a flood of resolutions both personal and professional. So let’s take a quick moment and look at four items that, if given time and attention to this year, can improve your search and online visibility. Monitor your backlink profile – For those website owners who received