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10 May

At first peak the revised Google Analytics DELIVERS!

I saw the first upgrade to a clients Analytics account last night and couldn’t wait to log in today to see if I had been dreaming. Business owners everywhere have just had their dreams answered when it comes to tracking your online marketing efforts. Whether you participate in SEO organic

22 Nov

What linking can lead to.

It’s is common knowledge an effective organic SEO campaign involves a linking strategy.  Linking has become an intregal part of search engine optimization thanks to Google.  They were the first engine to place a value on links that point to a website and reward those who establish credible links. However, this

25 Jul

What to look for in a title tag

For the sake of this writing I’ll assume a basic understanding of meta tags, what they are and their importance. With that in mind let’s focus on properly constructing a title tag. For any gains you might want to acquire in the organic rankings your title tag must be, well,

23 Jun

Optimizing a PDF

As with almost any document on the web these days, pdf’s are “readable” by search engines. No you’re not going to gain top results from a pdf only site but you are probably losing out on traffic if you’ve not optimized your pdf’s. So how does this work? As with

05 Apr

Blogging Through The Sandbox

Tempers flair in the SEO community when those for and those against square off in the big debate known as the “Google Sandbox Theory”. (this post is not to debate the theory which in a shortened version suggests that new sites are penalized by Google and must age before showing

28 Mar

Identifying A Niche In Your Keyword Pool

I’ve posted before on choosing keywords and thought the subject of niche keywords might be of interest. Niche websites are all the buzz in the search marketing world right now but my topic deals with niche keywords especially how they apply to the industry you may be targeting. Within every

17 Mar

Does It Have To Be Google All The Time?

If the word Google does not come up in the first three sentences of any conversation I have with clients or potential clients I immediately go play the lottery because it’s a sign from the Big Kahuna that’s it’s a lucky day. Don’t get me wrong I have somewhat of

08 Mar

Guaranteed Rankings, Is There Such A Thing?

All too often when speaking with potential clients the subject of guaranteed rankings is raised. While the sales pitch is nice the reality is no one can guarantee a site can be ranked in a certain position for a certain keyword unless the ranking includes pay per click results. Sure