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23 Jul

Using images and rich media for brand awareness?

If you’ve not set your robots.txt file to exclude your image folder then you are probably receiving as much if not more traffic from Google images as you are from Google search. Why? Well Google reports that 15% of all queries made are conducted via their image search facility. So

02 Mar

Sitemap Management Just Got Easier

As competitive as the search engine market is, Google, Yahoo & MSN find common ground as they work to improve search results by allowing Cross-host submission of sitemaps. Read the post on Yahoo’s Search Blog.

18 Dec

Google Video Sitemaps

Google continues to show why they will not be stopped in their quest to bring every bit of information to the web by announcing the release of Google Video Sitemaps. This feature is an extension of Google Sitemaps which allows website owners & managers to control the content that is

01 Jun

Semantic Search Is Here, Are You Aware?

Semantic search has been mentioned for several years mostly within the intellectual community however with Googles recent patent application, semantic search is now here. Is this good or bad? As with any SEO topic you will find people on both sides of the aisle. Here is a fairly impartial article