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06 Nov

Google Fresh Update

Google’s latest algorithm update is called Fresh and from what we’ve seen it appears to be yet another tweak to reward websites that offer fresh content on a regular basis. If you are writing content on a regular basis you want to make sure your articles are included in Google

30 Mar

Google’s answer to the “Like” button?

Interesting post on the Google AdWords blog regarding their new +1 button. Take note of the reference to organic rankings being impacted by the number of +1’s a page has. This is another indication of how social media is impacting old school search and maybe Google’s answer to Facebook’s “like”

13 Jul

Google Update? Google Shmupdate!

Lot’s of chatter about the negative impact many websites saw after the Google Mayday update was initiated but IMO it’s just that chatter. I looked at all of our clients websites traffic and number of indexed pages in Google from the previous year compared to this year and have not

16 Oct

Yahoo Still Supports Keyword Tag?

Interesting post from SearchEngineLand.com on a test conducted in Yahoo regarding support of the meta keyword tag. Yahoo was supposed to have dropped support of the tag but this test and one I conducted might prove otherwise. I went to Yahoo and entered a misspelling of leukemia and found one

21 Sep

Google Gets Hyper with Caffeine

Google’s Matt Cutts announced recently a new infrastructure is being tested called Caffeine. We’ve been monitoring this new update and have found very few changes but thought we might mention a couple of those changes over the existing infrastructure. Less blended results – It appears there might be less video