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11 Mar

Math SEO?

Math Geeks Unite, you will soon have a search engine to make it easy for you to search for specific references to a particular expression or equation. Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology have created an enhancement to traditional search engines that will make searching for mathematical expressions as easy as

03 Feb

What Will Google Look Like in the Future?

When Google was launched in 1998 it was not the first search engine but it brought about a revolutionary change to the way search engines delivered results and how search engines looked. Today almost every major search engine delivers results in about the same way and by the same technique

08 Oct

Mobile SEO Best Practices

There is no doubt online use by mobile devices is on the rise and will sooner rather than later be the way most people access the net.  With that knowledge it should be abundantly clear to any business owner their website must be mobile friendly.  The easiest path is to build

17 Sep

Is Google Going to Give It Up?

German justice minister Heiko Maas is asking Google to reveal their algorithm in the interests of consumer protection. Hey it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? Of course it is probably real safe to assume Google will not give up their algorithm after all it is the heartbeat of the company

18 Aug

Did You Know Yahoo Was Still a Search Engine?

Surprising as it may be to some people Yahoo still offers the ability to search for products, services, etc just like a regular search engine. What with all of the publicity about content, what direction Yahoo was going to take and the outrageous demands of their CEO on women it

13 May

Does Schema Markup Improve Search Rankings?

Schema is a common set of identifiers (schemas) to help flag the various “entities” on a web page.  This effort to structure Web data allows web developers to assign specific HTML tags to all types of things like products, recipes, reviews, locations, etc. and was agreed to 3 years ago

06 Sep

Optimizing a jpeg with File Properties

When talking SEO and optimizing an image the conversation is almost always about on-page optimization like using an alt tag, a title tag, schema markup and naming the image file name with keywords. Too often we forget to talk about optimizing an image and in this case a .jpeg within