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28 Jul

Microsoft adExcellence Company Certification

The Info Group recently received Company Certification status from Microsoft adExcellence. Three employees are required to successfully manage a paid search campaign through Microsoft adCenter and pass the adExcellence test. Mark & Andy Stone and Scott Mattiza all completed the certification process with flying colors.

27 Jun

Google Focusing Ads on User Data

With 2/3 of the search market Google certainly has acquired enough user data to understand trends, patterns and the like and it appears now that Google is using that data to focus ads based on queries. This story by Saul Hansell of The New York Times describes some interesting findings

10 May

At first peak the revised Google Analytics DELIVERS!

I saw the first upgrade to a clients Analytics account last night and couldn’t wait to log in today to see if I had been dreaming. Business owners everywhere have just had their dreams answered when it comes to tracking your online marketing efforts. Whether you participate in SEO organic

26 May

Landing Pages That Work

You’ve taken the time to research keywords, set up your bids, create your headlines and ads, and then you put your homepage as the url to send all of those clicks to. Oh, and by the way, you’re selling the most incredible couches ever made, they come in 2 sizes,

09 May

Using SEM Effectively

When we began The Info Group, in the fall of 1997, search engine optimization was not a term that had been coined instead the few people involved in the field were calling it search engine ranking and pay-per-click was literally a baby as GoTo had just launched and the only

21 Apr

The Benefits of Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Everywhere I turn there is a buzz in the industry about pay-per-click fraud. I’ve posted on the subject and just took part in a SEMPO webinar dealing with the subject, so let’s talk about the benefits of using pay-per-click or ppc. There are many more than I’m listing here but