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07 Jul

Google Unifies Brand to Strengthen Google+?

Google is re-branding their photo and blogging properties to Google Photos and Google Blogs respectively. This re-branding effort is more likely a part of their overall effort to bolster Google+, their answer to Facebook. Apparently the branding will not stop with these two products although their has been no official

30 Mar

Google’s answer to the “Like” button?

Interesting post on the Google AdWords blog regarding their new +1 button. Take note of the reference to organic rankings being impacted by the number of +1’s a page has. This is another indication of how social media is impacting old school search and maybe Google’s answer to Facebook’s “like”

23 Jan

Google AdWords adds additional reporting tools

Google AdWords continues to push the reporting envelope compared to Microsoft’s adCenter reporting. Google announced on Friday, Jan 21, the addition of customer interaction statistics they call “Free Clicks”. These stats show you how often visitors open a product extension plusbox or get directions to your store directly from their

24 Sep

Google Instant, R U Incensed?

Google has rolled out another new feature (they come out almost everyday with one for one or another of their products) and it’s called Google Instant. Basically Google is trying to figure out what you are searching for as you type your query. I don’t know if I like it