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02 Dec

Do Landing Pages Make a Difference in Pay Per Click?

Question: Do landing pages make a difference in pay per click? The overwhelming answer is YES! One question a lot of potential clients don’t ask when discussing pay per click is where the visitor will be sent to once they click on an ad.  At some point during the initial discussion with

04 Dec

More Google PPC Ad Testing

Another day, another Google Adwords ad format test.  This time a white background under all ads and a gold ad icon.  Let’s see what sticks.

06 Nov

Google Testing Images Inside PPC Ads

No surprise Google is constantly testing ad format variations but today I saw a new one that combines product feeds (I assume) and a regular ad format.  Notice the images above the regular ad format.  Interesting.

15 Oct

Using Obamacare to Generate Traffic

With daily if not hourly mentions of Obamacare over the last few weeks and more to come as the rollout continues I wondered if anyone was using this keyword to generate traffic to their website.  The answer is yes but only one company the few times I checked.  As I