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08 Oct

Mobile SEO Best Practices

There is no doubt online use by mobile devices is on the rise and will sooner rather than later be the way most people access the net.  With that knowledge it should be abundantly clear to any business owner their website must be mobile friendly.  The easiest path is to build

06 Feb

Responsive Email Design

I’ve had a few clients talk to me about their emails not displaying properly on mobile devices and one of the first things I tell them is more email is read mobile than on a desktop email client.  So if they are not designing their emails to render properly on a

21 Feb

Mobile Usage and The Super Bowl

Yes the big game has passed and I’m sure Baltimore fans are still enjoying their days a bit more than San Francisco fans but an angle that interests me is how fans overall interacted during and after the Super Bowl. We are constantly being reminded of the exponential growth of