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08 Mar

Stuff On My Cat

I’m not a cat lover so maybe that’s why I thought this was funny. I would encourage anyone who puts stuff on their cat to send in a photo, hmmm… I wonder if putting my dog on a cat would count.

27 Dec

Closing the Great Net Divide

One problem with the conception of a wired world is that many places on this Earth don’t have electricity to support a computer. With the concept of a wireless world one would not need a wire to a device but would still need electricity. It now appears even that hurdle

14 Dec

Have You Podcast Yet?

Podcasting is a relatively new term but sure seems to be creeping into the mainstream fast and as businesses begin to catch on to the idea podcasting could easily change the way we market products and services. If you’re new to this whole RSS/Blog/Podcast world, it would be worth your