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24 Feb

Twitter Tweet Twit

I was browsing Twitter yesterday, reading various tweets from local search marketing companies and came across one that had tweeted several times that day about something going on in his personal life. Now I won’t get specific and certainly won’t tell the name of this tweeter as this post is

16 Apr

Search goes green

Going green is the way of today and a search engine in Austrailia is trying to make searching a green affair. Launched in 14 countries, Ecocho promises to plant trees according to the number of searches made through it. Using Yahoo & Google search engines visitors have an opportunity to

15 Aug

Talk the URL Talk

Matt Cutts from Google has a great post on the parts of a url. It’s helpful when talking to your web designer and search marketer that you understand what a url is, this post breaks down a complicated url so it is easy to understand the lingo.

13 Feb

Sucker for YouTube as well

I am a sucker for the amatuerness of YouTube like the rest of you million viewers per day. More so I’m a sucker for amazing human feats and I consider this amazing. Enjoy David “Finger” Haynes as he works a drum machine … live!

17 Jul

Remove Old Whiteboard Secrets

When this came across one of my rss feeds all I had to do was turn my head and look at my tiedye whiteboard. I tried it and it worked. Please share this with any frustrated whiteboarder you know. http://www.wikihow.com/Erase-Old-Marks-off-a-Dry-Erase-Board

12 May

Change Your Business Model but Not By Law

Congress is considering enacting a law that will give internet service providers un-regulated control over what content is available to their subscribers. In essence this law will allow the isp’s to dictate what is delivered to your computer, or what you can see or can’t see. The thought is that