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21 Nov

Online Comments Soon to be Extinct?

While it is hard to imagine online commenting on specific websites will totally go away, ever, it is easy to buy the argument that allowing people to comment on your content via your social media outlets is a more current way of doing business.  And that is exactly why Re/code

16 Jul

Do We Really Care About Privacy?

Bring up the N.S.A. in any conversation and suddenly the room buzzes with opinions right and left on how much of our privacy the government should be allowed to intrude on.  In the same conversation bring up Google, Bing, Apple or Amazon and the conversation will probably shift to how

06 May

Google Same-Day Delivery Crawls to a Halt in NYC

Yes, Google has gotten into the delivery service.  No, it should not be a surprise to anyone that they have.  Google has shown time and again over the years they are much more than a search engine company and to that end they have been testing same day delivery of

30 Jul

Add an Image to a Signature in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail does not allow for an image to be placed in the signature box (custom signature).  Well that is not entirely true, here is a workaround that seems to work most of the time. Upload your image to a web server (Flickr or something similar will do) Put your

31 Jan

Google Launches Twitter Workaround

In an apparent move to by-pass the Egyptian government’s lock down of the internet, Google announced a workaround for the people of Egypt that allows them to call a phone number and leave a message that is then translated to message on Twitter. Brilliant!

28 Oct

Using Google for Election Coverage

In their never ending mission to provide the most comprehensive information on all things, Google has launched The Google Election Center. At a basic level a user can submit their address and find their polling center. For programmers an api is available for building custom apps. The Google Election Center