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20 Jan

Are Local Listings Becoming Pay to Play?

Local listings, the new frontier! That is what every marketing expert is screaming at the top of their lungs. If you don’t have a local presence online you are going to be left behind and quickly. And those statements do hold true. With mobile use now passing desktop and only

02 Dec

Do Landing Pages Make a Difference in Pay Per Click?

Question: Do landing pages make a difference in pay per click? The overwhelming answer is YES! One question a lot of potential clients don’t ask when discussing pay per click is where the visitor will be sent to once they click on an ad.  At some point during the initial discussion with

26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving (Fail)

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and if your dinner doesn’t quite turn out the way you want don’t fret you could have had a turkey dinner fail like the ones in the video below.  Laugh a little and be thankful for what you have.

11 Mar

Math SEO?

Math Geeks Unite, you will soon have a search engine to make it easy for you to search for specific references to a particular expression or equation. Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology have created an enhancement to traditional search engines that will make searching for mathematical expressions as easy as

03 Feb

What Will Google Look Like in the Future?

When Google was launched in 1998 it was not the first search engine but it brought about a revolutionary change to the way search engines delivered results and how search engines looked. Today almost every major search engine delivers results in about the same way and by the same technique