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Online Comments Soon to be Extinct?

21 Nov

commentsWhile it is hard to imagine online commenting on specific websites will totally go away, ever, it is easy to buy the argument that allowing people to comment on your content via your social media outlets is a more current way of doing business.  And that is exactly why Re/code announced it is shuttering comments on their website and instead directing users to comment via their social outlets.  They are not the first but instead one of many headed down this road.  Others include Reuters, Popular Science and the Chicago Sun-Times.  My initial takeaway from this is positive with one exception, you have limited editorial control over comments.  Meaning some social outlets will let a user scream and shout profanity laced comments without any way of answering or simply deleting them.  Why delete them?  Well if your corporate tone is such that a comment laced with references to your mother, monkeys and sex would not make it on your site than you would be out of luck on some social media sites.

Interesting move and an interesting story to say the least.  We will see where it goes.  BTW comments are turned off here.



Mark Stone