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Do We Really Care About Privacy?

16 Jul

Do you care about your online privacy?Bring up the N.S.A. in any conversation and suddenly the room buzzes with opinions right and left on how much of our privacy the government should be allowed to intrude on.  In the same conversation bring up Google, Bing, Apple or Amazon and the conversation will probably shift to how bad Google results are or how annoying Amazon’s constant marketing to you is or something other than privacy which is funny because these companies and many others just like them invade our privacy much more than the government and we really don’t care unless that information is shared with the government.  That’s irony, right.

So this goes to the bigger question, do we really care about our privacy?  I’ve got to admit I think I’m at the point in my life that there is nothing the government or corporations don’t already know about me.  I mean I’ve been filling out questionnaires, forms, and about every type of information gather device known to man for 45+ years now.  What information besides name, age, social security number, drivers license number, address(s), phone number(s), etc could I provide today that I haven’t provided multiple times over the last 45 years?  Probably none and you don’t think that information is in multiple databases?  I think it is and thus I’m not sure any part of my life data is new so what kind of privacy can I expect?  Probably very little when it comes to marketing or online life or even worse smartphone use.

So the reason I started this post in the first place was in response to an article on SearchEngineLand.com, read and enjoy!


Mark Stone