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The First Kill Switch in a Smartphone Law!

09 Jun

Stealing a smartphoneI have software installed on my phone that will enable me to remotely disable and wipe clean my phone if someone steals it or if I lose or if I just want to for any reason at all.  The sad reality is I’m in the minority of people that have taken the step to make this possible.  It’s not a technology problem that causes people not to make their phone “safe” it is a lazy issue.  So once again the government has gotten involved to help those of us who just don’t have the initiative to get er done themselves.

The great state of Minnesota has just passed a bill that requires smart phone manufacturers put a kill switch in their phones.  I understand the trigger for this law was a rash of violent robberies that occurred on the campus of the University of Minnesota, the last of which involved the stabbing of two students but my question is will this law make for less robberies?  Certainly it will make for less smart phone robberies but I would assume (and I’m no mastermind criminal) the smart phones are being stolen because they are smart phones but because the robber is looking to make money selling them.  If you take away that item for sale, what stops them from stealing something else to sell?

I guess a bigger debate on what causes someone to become a robber would go further here but I don’t have time for that today.  One last question, why call it a “kill” switch?  Doesn’t that imply something sinister by itself?

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Mark Stone