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Google Places for Business is getting an upgrade, Finally!

02 Dec

Google Places Local Listing OptimizationAny marketer who has had to manage a Google Place listing for a business understands the frustrations associated with doing so.  From multiple listings to edits that can take weeks and even months to appear live to now managing a Google+ Business page in one location and your Google Place listing in another.  Well, good times are coming!  (Maybe a reach there).  Google Places for Business is rolling out their revised and updated all in one management interface.  Over the next few weeks businesses will be able to more easily manage their Google Places listings and Google+ Business page from the same place.  Google promises almost instant updates to the Google Maps index when an edit occurs (up to 48 hours) and better integration with their other Google products paid and free.

I for one am glad they finally put some resources into Google Places.  They have pretty much forced businesses to become active in Google Places in order to have a chance at appearing in local listings yet they made it extremely frustrating and clumsy to manage the process.  I would say Kudos but let’s see what the rollout brings.  Read more on the roll-out here.

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Mark Stone