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Using Obamacare to Generate Traffic

15 Oct

Obamacare PPC AdWith daily if not hourly mentions of Obamacare over the last few weeks and more to come as the rollout continues I wondered if anyone was using this keyword to generate traffic to their website.  The answer is yes but only one company the few times I checked.  As I expected the company advertising provides health insurance quotes which I would expect is a relevant choice for many of those searching using that term.  Using the Google Keyword Planner tool and the three match types of Obamacare (broad, phrase and exact) the planner shows an average cost per click of $1.18 for the top position.  Not a bad price especially considering in this case there are no other competitors on the page.

This is another example of using the news to drive traffic to your site but the key here is relevance.  So my next question is why not bid on Debt Ceiling or Government Shutdown?  Maybe a debt relief company or a temp service?  Just asking.

Mark Stone