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Optimizing a jpeg with File Properties

06 Sep

When talking SEO and optimizing an image the conversation is almost always about on-page optimization like using an alt tag, a title tag, schema markup and naming the image file name with keywords. Too often we forget to talk about optimizing an image and in this case a .jpeg within the properties section of the file. Here is a simple, easy to follow guide on how to optimize the properties of a .jpeg image file.

Optimizing a jpeg file propertiesFor this guide we’re going to assume you know to name your image using keywords. (hint, hint)

  1. Select the file on your local machine.
  2. Right click and choose Properties.
  3. Select the Details tab.
  4. Fill in the Title field (Use a keyword or two here).
  5. Fill in the Subject field (Same as above but try to mix it up).
  6. Rate your image (would assume you’d rate it 5 stars).
  7. Fill in the Tag field (just like the old keyword meta tag seperate each tag with commas).
  8. Fill in the Comments field (tip: add a link to the page the image will be residing on).
  9. Fill in the Author field (Company name or product name are always good here).
  10. Click OK and upload to your website.

Ok, so there you have it a simple guide to .jpeg file properties optimization.  This will not work for a .gif or .png file so make sure your on-page optimization of those file types is spot on.JPG file properties optimization guide

Mark Stone