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Add an Image to a Signature in Yahoo Mail

30 Jul

Yahoo Mail does not allow for an image to be placed in the signature box (custom signature).  Well that is not entirely true, here is a workaround that seems to work most of the time.

  1. Upload your image to a web server (Flickr or something similar will do)
  2. Put your mouse in the middle of the image
  3. Right Click and choose Copy image
  4. Go to your Yahoo mail options Signature page
  5. Select Show a rich text signature
  6. Right click in the box
  7. Select Paste
  8. Click next to the image and hit enter
  9. Click the Save button

It’s just that simple!  Here are screenshots to follow along with.

How to add an image to a signature in Yahoo

Add an image to a Yahoo Signature


Adding an image to a Yahoo Signature

Mark Stone