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Should you link to your Facebook page?

17 Jun

Link Building Social MediaBy now anyone with a basic understanding of SEO knows how important link building is to the health of a websites rankings.  Well the same idea is true for those social sites we all have to be active with these days.  To increase the popularity of your Facebook page involves not only fresh, regular, relevant content but link building as well.

Take for example a photo booth company doing business in Dallas that wants to rank well for the term photo booth rentals dallas.  Part of their strategy has to be social, so creating a Facebook page, a twitter account,  a Pinterest account and maybe one or two other relevant social accounts is a necessary step but gaining visibility for those outlets is just as important.  Gaining rankings for your website is important but what if you can also show up under keyword searches with your social sites as well?  Who wouldn’t take that added exposure?

Keep in mind when you are updating your Facebook page that you might want to build some links to it as well.

Mark Stone