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Finally, Google Releases Link Disavow Tool!

19 Oct

Google Disavow Links ToolI’m sure it was the rant I went on that finally spurred Google to do the right thing and release a link disavow tool but if it wasn’t my rant well at least the tool is out! While the tool isn’t exactly a mirror of Bing’s version, the impact should be the same for those webmasters who have done everything in their power to remove links that were holding their websites down in Google’s search rankings. We have a client who was impacted by negative SEO and despite all of our work in removing those links and all of our honest communication with Google there were still hundreds of links Google still held against them. Now we can go in and hopefully once and for all tell Google, WE DID NOT GET THESE LINKS, PLEASE REMOVE THEM!!!

Be careful, if the information is 100% accurate from Google, they will take any link disavow requests very seriously and so if a mistake is made, getting that link(s) back will be a very long process. Google, you’re finally getting it when it comes to your precious linking, now work on having Webmaster Tools link database up to date.

Mark Stone