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How about those Mavs!

16 Jun

A bit of homerism showing through but how about those Dallas Mavericks! So great to see the good guys win one and show once again it takes a team to win not individuals. It would be easy to bash LeBron James but I think Dewayne Wade has as much of the blame on his shoulders as LeBron. I mean what’s up with basically calling Dirk out for his illness and then he has a “injury” after colliding with the Custodian? And in the game they had to win to stay alive, where was Wade? 6 of 16 shooting, 0 for 4 on 3 pointers, and where was he in the 4th quarter. Compare that to Dirk who struggled all game but in crunch time he came up with 8 points. DWade mocking Dirk, Really, I mean Really? Sorry not buying it, not even for a dollar. So all of you Mavs fans, enjoy the video below and you Dallas haters, enjoy it even more!!

Mark Stone