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Google Instant, R U Incensed?

24 Sep

Google has rolled out another new feature (they come out almost everyday with one for one or another of their products) and it’s called Google Instant. Basically Google is trying to figure out what you are searching for as you type your query. I don’t know if I like it or not and from a internet marketing perspective it certainly puts the pressure on to have clients listed in the top five organically and the top 8 paid but I do wonder what this will do to search overall.

Should I assume most people will now never go below the initial recommendations they see from Google Instant? Probably not and certainly we won’t know the answer until more time has passed and we can see statistically what is happening with results. I do think this will impact the cost per click for those participating in paid search, I mean after all being in the top 8 will have to be considered prime real estate, correct?

Well I’m sure Google had this in mind in some form before they launched Instant, I just hope it’s not detrimental to the business owner’s we work for.

Mark Stone