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Google Update? Google Shmupdate!

13 Jul

Lot’s of chatter about the negative impact many websites saw after the Google Mayday update was initiated but IMO it’s just that chatter. I looked at all of our clients websites traffic and number of indexed pages in Google from the previous year compared to this year and have not seen one shred of evidence Mayday had a negative impact. In fact if I had to make a case it would be easier to make one saying the impact was positive. I wonder if those complaining didn’t have their websites properly optimized and by properly I mean for long-tail keywords as well as short-tail. That is part of what Mayday was about, giving better visibility to websites that have optimized for long-tail keywords.

I have always approached optimization with an eye to long-tail keywords so when the Mayday update hit, I was not worried and I have been justified in my lack of concern. I do wonder how those companies that sell themselves as SEO experts but were hit hard by the update feel about their expert ability now. I actually read a post from one of the so called experts who blamed everyone else for his clients drop in visibility (no I won’t link to the post, don’t want to embarrass him) but suffice it to say he’s proved what kind of expert he is to me.

Mark Stone