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24 Feb

Follow The Info Group on TwitterI was browsing Twitter yesterday, reading various tweets from local search marketing companies and came across one that had tweeted several times that day about something going on in his personal life. Now I won’t get specific and certainly won’t tell the name of this tweeter as this post is not about him in particular but more about the practice of tweeting personal information. (By personal information I mean tweeting about what’s going on in one’s life personally not professionally)

So my question is, why do so many people that are relatively unknown, meaning not a celebrity, a public figure or the head of a high profile company, feel the need to tweet about personal things? Who cares? If you have never met me and only “know me” because my business has a twitter account what can you learn about me that will help you decide I’m capable of implementing a successful search marketing campaign for you from a tweet where I reveal I’ve just taken out the trash or bought a new car? I would contend nothing!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people who use Twitter as a personal tool shouldn’t tweet their every move, that’s what Twitter is for but business owners who have a Twitter account should use it to give insight into their company or their industry. That’s what I’m saying. Now I’m not perfect and when I first started using Twitter I tweeted a couple of “personal items” but I’ve stopped and instead have tried to tweet things that relate to search marketing.

So I’m going to challenge those business owners who use Twitter to put their ego aside because the general public doesn’t care about your new house they want to know about your business.

Mark Stone