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Google Gets Hyper with Caffeine

21 Sep

Google’s Matt Cutts announced recently a new infrastructure is being tested called Caffeine. We’ve been monitoring this new update and have found very few changes but thought we might mention a couple of those changes over the existing infrastructure.

  • Less blended results – It appears there might be less video and blended results.
  • Exact Match Domain Names – There may be slightly more weight being given to exact match domain names.
  • More weight given to authority sites – We checked several very specific keywords including long tail and found more authority sites with better positions than the same check in the current infrastructure.
  • More pages indexed – We searched SEO and the Caffeine results produced 238,000,000 for seo. while the current infrastructure produced 191,000,000 for seo. We tried this with about 5 other very generic keywords and the results were similar.

This is all very early and certainly not set in stone but at first peak if you’ve done a good job of optimizing your site you should not see significant changes when Caffeine goes live.

Mark Stone