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At first peak the revised Google Analytics DELIVERS!

10 May

I saw the first upgrade to a clients Analytics account last night and couldn’t wait to log in today to see if I had been dreaming. Business owners everywhere have just had their dreams answered when it comes to tracking your online marketing efforts. Whether you participate in SEO organic marketing or SEM paid search marketing or Interactive Marketing or … get the point, Google Analytics has taken the effort out of understanding how your marketing dollars are working for you.

When you login the improvements are immediately noticeable with an upgraded layout and graphical look from the charts which include much more interactive information on mouse-over to the overall information available on the page. For ecommerce and goal capturing users, the ability to understand what keywords and what campaigns are working has been taken to a new level. Help features are prominent and organized by 4 main categories instead of the single help link at the top of the page in the previous version. (you can still view the old version while in beta)

If you participate in online marketing and are not using a statistics package, you have no excuse now! As with almost everything Google does, Analytics is free. This version is a very nice step forward and I guess I should stop wondering why Google shares are what they are.

Mark Stone