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What linking can lead to.

22 Nov

It’s is common knowledge an effective organic SEO campaign involves a linking strategy.  Linking has become an intregal part of search engine optimization thanks to Google.  They were the first engine to place a value on links that point to a website and reward those who establish credible links.

However, this part of their algorithm has also generated a number of unexpected results.  For instance search the keyword chicken and you will find a site called Subservient Chicken in one of the top listings, why?  Links pointing to the site alone.  Try the keywords miserable failure and usually the first link is the White House website and in particular the page dedicated to The President.

Just for fun I thought I would include a few more, search Google for these terms.

  1. National Disgrace – Webpage of Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig
  2. Terrorist Sympathizer – Television personality Bill O’Reilly
  3. Waffles – John Kerry, former Presidential candiate
  4. swivel eyed loons – UK Independence Party Official website (UKIP)

While this post is a bit light hearted it does show the value of link building when optimizing a website.

Mark Stone