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Watch your code because someone else may be using it.

25 Aug

We’ve seen first hand what a malicious minded person can do when a site we were running an SEO campaign for had their entire content hijacked. Luckily the web developers were able to shut the unwanted intruder down and regain control of the content. Today our blog had several attempted comment posts that were obviously the product of an automated bot. Again we had controls in place to not allow the comments to be live and the only discomfort was the time it took to delete them.

Internet security overall is under attack every minute of everyday and with websites playing a growing role in the everyday operation of business security is a risk that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Those attacks are usually associated with credit card theft or identity theft. Would it surprise you to know there are a staggering amount of SEO related attacks?One such way devious, black hat SEO types are trying to circumvent the system is through XSS attacks.

Here is an interesting post on XSS attacks or cross site scripting and how you can work with your hosting company to protect against them.

Mark Stone