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Great search rankings are not too good to be true.

08 Jun

An effective search engine optimization campaign never ends and the road to great results is littered with get to the top quick schemes so just as anything in life that’s too good to be true the ability to say no could be your best trait.

Take for example the task of link building. It’s well documented that acquiring links from trusted sources is a must to help your SEO campaign achieve wonderful results and every SEO expert knows it is a time consuming, sometimes frustrating task to accomplish but it is possible to do, we do it with every campaign we work. That being said, when the going gets tough and you’ve worked countless hours trying to get quality links and you get that email or see that banner ad that says “thousands of links for just $29.95” it’s easy to sit back and visualize the site you’re working on at the top of the serps and all you had to do was pay $29.95. But once you open your eyes and the experience that only having done this hundreds of times can bring washes that glazed look off your face you realize those tricks may work for a little bit but they won’t help you in the long run.

So take the time to optimize your site correctly and understand you are in for the long haul and above all resist the temptation of the fast fix.

Mark Stone

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