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Blogging Through The Sandbox

05 Apr

Tempers flair in the SEO community when those for and those against square off in the big debate known as the “Google Sandbox Theory”. (this post is not to debate the theory which in a shortened version suggests that new sites are penalized by Google and must age before showing up for searches under their main keywords) Now valid points are made on both sides and while we fall on both sides within our own camp, there has long been some sort of waiting period to see rankings. That being said statistics from a new site we are working that launched less than 60 days ago back up stats from two previous site launches which indicate that an active blog can have a dramatic impact on rankings in Google for numerous secondary keywords and begin to generate very good organic traffic in weeks rather than months.

Shock of all shocks, right? It shouldn’t be as this goes to a basic tenet of search engine optimization … content, content, content. Combine that with the rss feed which allows other sites to link back to this one and you have a second basic tenet, links, links, links. Now it helps that the blogger in question writes quality content that is of value to members of his industry but shouldn’t that be anyone who is serious about succeeding online?

Mark Stone

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