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Identifying A Niche In Your Keyword Pool

28 Mar

Indentify niche keywordsI’ve posted before on choosing keywords and thought the subject of niche keywords might be of interest. Niche websites are all the buzz in the search marketing world right now but my topic deals with niche keywords especially how they apply to the industry you may be targeting. Within every industry there is the generic keyword, i.e. Trucks and the niche keyword, 72 red Ford F150 trucks. Finding niche keywords that apply to your segment of an industry is a very effective way of driving traffic with usually limited competition.

When developing your keyword list look very hard at what you bring to the market, do you offer a service that can be applied to specific model or part? Does your service fit well with a niche market within a larger industry? After answering those kinds of questions you will begin to find additional words that fit your main keywords. Again, Trucks is a good generic fit for you but you found that Ford F150 trucks was as specific as you could find for your niche so expand out and you can use F150 truck, Ford F150, f150 Pickup Truck and suddenly you have 30, 40 or maybe hundreds of niche keywords that your product or service relates to. Let’s look at my little demonstration after some very basic research using the SEMScoop.com Keyword Tool.

“trucks” returns an estimated 6,480 visits with 139,000,000 competing web pages.
“f150 truck” returns an estimated 57 visits with 94,000 competing web pages and the other 90+ keywords that are related return over 250 visits with competition no more than 178,000 and many in the hundreds of competing web pages. Any good SEO would tell you that getting great rankings in a market that has 178,000 competing web pages is very obtainable.

Sure if you look at just traffic you’re at 5% of the generic keyword but the point is not numbers but targeted traffic and so the 5% you are getting is probably 90% targeted as opposed to the 95% that would probably not be targeted if you were going for the generic keyword and ignoring the rest. Also the opportunity to get great results is increased significantly with your niche words so your overall investment in time would be reduced.

Niche keywords are a great way to become competitive online and should always be discussed when the subject of keywords is on the table.

Mark Stone

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