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Novice & Beginner Web Designers Stop Using Your Email Address Online

08 Mar

From time to time I’m reminded that everyone starts at zero when it comes to web design and I try to pass on a tip or two to help those who are creating a site for the first or second time or are maybe versed enough to be considered novice at html but know nothing of php or other scripting languages. My tip in this post is: Stop using your email address as your means of contact on your website. My reason is selfish… I want to stop the spammers from obtaining more addresses to spam.

To that end I found a very simple program that will generate a php file to allow you to use a form on your site and not have your email address harvested. I tried it out and it was easy to use, has a nice help section and best of all it is free. The features are very cool and allow a beginner or novice to create sophisticated forms that can print to a database, auto respond and much more. The program is called The HTML & PHP Form Wizard.
As with any free program I offer this advice. If you use it and you are satisfied, purchase it and help out the developers.

Mark Stone

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