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I Want Top Rankings or I Want Positive Return On Investment?

14 Jan

The choice between a positive or negative ROI on a marketing campaign is a no-brainer right? Maybe not if you are convinced that top rankings for your big keywords are the only way to go. The reality is and always has been, at least as long as I’ve been involved with search engine marketing (1998), that the highest ROI keywords were the ones the client never thought of or at a minimum considered secondary keywords and not worth much effort.

Search terms are used in the same thought process online as people use them when shopping in a brick and mortar store. For instance if you were a sales clerk and a customer walked into your establishment and said I’m wanting to buy a dingy flopper, that would be a pretty clear indication you were going to make a sale. However if a customer walks in and says something like, I’m interested in learning about your dingy floppers, you would also have a clear indication not of a impending sale but that a sale is possible and will require you to educate and apply your best sales tactics to turn this potential customer into a paying customer. So this same thought process should apply online. When you are trying to decide what keywords you need to target you need to add intention into the equation. While you do want exposure on your “main” keywords, serious thought and effort needs to be put into all of your keywords. The true power of search engine marketing has always been bulk. The company that is gaining visitors from hundreds or thousand of keywords is converting more than the company gaining visitors from just a few keywords and statistics bear that statement out over and over again.

So while getting top rankings is an ego boost and will generate traffic, the more important question is are those keywords earning you a return on your investment? With search engine optimization becoming the norm and with only 10 slots on the front page of search engines, it’s time to look beyond egos and concentrate on what will really take your business to the top an effective overall search marketing strategy which delivers results that affect the bottom line.

Mark Stone

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