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The Google Porpoise Update or Not?

Google Porpoise Update or Not?Panda, Penguin, who knows maybe Porpoise will be the name of the next big Google algorithm update or maybe there isn’t one coming at all!!!!

SEO forums have been buzzing the past week over changes in rankings to sites they monitor.  So much chatter has burned through the forums that Search Engine Land asked Google what was up.  Read the post here and watch your rankings here (if you believe rankings are the same for everyone and if you do I have some farmland below the Eiffel Tower I want to sell you.

Remember if you follow the rules and just provide good content on a regular basis that is properly optimized you won’t worry what animal, mammal, fish or creature is coming around the corner.

Panda? Penguin? Google Goes After Over Optimization.

Google Penguin UpdateFirst we had the Panda update which Google described as an update to address freshness among other items. Many websites were impacted negatively but those who follow white hat SEO practices really didn’t see any changes. Now the Penguin update has been rolled out and in an attempt to address over optimization among other things, Google is looking at websites that follow the “perfect” formula to gain rankings. Those steps to “perfection” would include buying a keyword rich domain, over-stuffing your copy with keywords and gaining links for a limited number of keywords. Or over-saturating your link building efforts by concentrating on one or two keywords only as well as getting those links on known spam blog networks, unrelated blogs or just having keywords placed on sites with no relevance to yours.

So if you’ve participated in these schemes and have seen your site drop in traffic from Google organic results, than you need to re-think your strategy. We can help! Contact us for an SEO evaluation of your website today.

Google Gets Hyper with Caffeine

Google’s Matt Cutts announced recently a new infrastructure is being tested called Caffeine. We’ve been monitoring this new update and have found very few changes but thought we might mention a couple of those changes over the existing infrastructure.

  • Less blended results – It appears there might be less video and blended results.
  • Exact Match Domain Names – There may be slightly more weight being given to exact match domain names.
  • More weight given to authority sites – We checked several very specific keywords including long tail and found more authority sites with better positions than the same check in the current infrastructure.
  • More pages indexed – We searched SEO and the Caffeine results produced 238,000,000 for seo. while the current infrastructure produced 191,000,000 for seo. We tried this with about 5 other very generic keywords and the results were similar.

This is all very early and certainly not set in stone but at first peak if you’ve done a good job of optimizing your site you should not see significant changes when Caffeine goes live.