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Improve in these 4 area’s this year to improve your online presence!

Take the time to get involved with your online marketing this yearEvery January there is a flood of resolutions both personal and professional. So let’s take a quick moment and look at four items that, if given time and attention to this year, can improve your search and online visibility.

  1. Monitor your backlink profile – For those website owners who received a slap from Google after the Penguin update this is a no brainer. For those website owners who didn’t see a penalty but weren’t paying attention to their backlink profile this should be a wake-up call. Google is serious (I’m sure they have been all along) when it comes to cleaning up their index and targeting bad links is one way they will do so. Take the time to review your backlinks monthly, there are numerous free online tools to do so, and if bad links are found take the steps to remove them. This can be done the old fashioned way (contacting the website owners the link is located on and ask for removal) or if you prefer Google & Bing now offer link removal tools, just make sure you know exactly what you are doing before using them.
  2. Don’t copy and paste! – Ok, maybe that’s a bit too generic of a term to use since what I’m really talking about is duplicate content. Yes there are still website owners/managers who simply take content from someone else’s website and place it on theirs or create 50 pages to target different cities and find and replace only the city name within the content on each page. Folks this is partially what the Panda update was about and what Google has been after for years now. Stop Duplicate Content!
  3. Get Social – Tired of hearing this? Well if the message has not sunk in, maybe you should consider another source for marketing your business than the internet. Social Media is here to stay and just having a Facebook page is not good enough. You must engage and that doesn’t mean posting your thoughts everyday, it also means listening to others and interacting with them. Get Involved!
  4. Don’t Stop Believing – Maybe that should actually be just Don’t Stop. SEO, Social Media, paid search, any form of marketing actually never stops. You must work at it everyday and especially online. Everyday people are searching and talking about products and services why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of all of those opportunities that arise during those searches and conversations?

So just like that diet you are going to undertake, it takes time and effort but great results will greet you at the end of the journey!

Google+ and Your Ranking

So Google+ has been available to everyone for awhile now and I thought I would take a look at our clients and the impact having a Google+ presence is having on their rankings.

As we know Google has been upfront that a +1 (like) is a signal in their ranking algorithm. In their Webmaster Help files they state the following: “This is just one of many signals Google may use to determine a page’s relevance and ranking, and we’re constantly tweaking and improving our algorithm to improve overall search quality.” The theory is very simple, if one of your friends has +1’d a piece of content and you are searching for something relating to that content your trust in your friends opinion on that piece is of more value to you than from someone you don’t know or an “regular” search result. In essence you will more than likely click on a friends result and another and the more +1’s a piece of content has the more trust it has earned and as such should rank higher than a piece than has less +1’s.

What I have found is it is true. Google does reward content with more +1’s with higher rankings than those without. Our clients that have developed a Google+ profile and integrated those profiles into their websites have seen a 85% increase in rankings versus those who have not yet developed a Google+ profile. Further more these increases started to occur on average within the first two weeks of creating a profile and integrating it into their websites. The clients that then continued to build their Google+ circles and were active in Google+ have seen quicker crawl times and faster indexing than those who just created the profile and integrated it.

So does this mean the way to achieve top exposure for your keywords is to develop a Google+ profile and go crazy with it? Absolutely not, what I have failed to mention before this is we continued normal SEO activity for those clients which touches all kinds of social media. However it is not a stretch to say the addition of Google+ did have a positive impact on their visibility.

While Google+ is still a step child in the social media world, it does continue to grow slow and steady and appears to have long legs.

Welcome Oncourt Offcourt

The Info Group has partnered with OnCourt OffCourt to implement a website re-design, seo and social marketing campaign. OnCourt OffCourt is the tennis industry leader in creative tennis training tools, training aids, and practice equipment. OnCourt OffCourt is dedicated first and foremost to education. Founder Joe Dinoffer personally travels and speaks at numerous conventions throughout North America and internationally each year, addressing more than 10,000 sports coaches, teachers and business professionals.