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Google Teaching Computers to See

The merging world of human and technology just took another step forward. Are hubots around the corner? Probably, we see what technology is doing for amputees, those who are blind and those who are unable to speak so it should not be a surprise that Google is basically teaching computers to “see”. Where this could lead is anyone’s guess and I hope it’s for the better not the worse.

The Future of Mobile Search?

The Future of Mobile Search?I love gadgets. That might also partially explain my love of James Bond movies as well. Maybe it’s a guy thing, maybe it’s a wanna be cool thing, don’t know and really don’t care. That being said when I came across this blog post on the future of mobile search I just had to share it. How much would this change the way you look at the world?

Google Continues to Move Well Beyond Search

Google I/O 2010Google I/O begins tomorrow, this is their annual developers convention where you can always expect to hear about the latest developments and be teased by what may lay ahead with the company and this year looks like Google is ever yet determined to forge a name as a technology company not just a search engine.

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Top 10 rankings a thing of the past?

Google rolled out personalized search to every user of their search engine and with that signaled the final days of top organic rankings being the metric to measure your SEO efforts with are clearly in view.

Say what? In a nutshell Google places a cookie on your machine and gathers your search history over time and then uses that information to show you what they think you are interested in. For example if you search for diamonds and click on every diamond ring dealer’s website and you do this several times over a period of time you will begin to see less results like Wikipedia (which doesn’t sell diamond rings) and more results for diamond ring merchants at the top of your results page when you continue to search for diamonds.

So what reason is there for SEO? Well, this doesn’t mean Google is giving up ranking sites it just means they want to deliver more relevant results to each user. With that said you will need to optimize your site for your products and services but you should look at traffic, visitor behaviors like time spent on site, etc to gauge the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

Why wouldn’t I just do nothing but PPC? You should engage in pay per click but keep in mind some studies show 70% of search engine users don’t click on PPC results, so if you only engage in pay per click you are limiting your audience reach.

I have no doubt personalization will impact rankings, it’s a foregone conclusion but it shouldn’t impact your SEO efforts. We moved away from trying to sell rankings a couple of years ago and moved toward selling the impact of SEO, like targeted traffic, etc. So if you are hung up on where your site ranks, GET OVER IT, because where it ranks on your machine probably isn’t where it ranks on mine.


Here we are in the New Year! I’m sure a lot of people are asking where did 2008 go but as they say you can’t look back and so I won’t except to say it was a great year with several highlights.

  • We left 2008 with our health
  • We were able to bring new customers on board and keep our existing ones. For this I’m always grateful.
  • We launched our training series, Smart On SEO
  • We got a little publicity from Michael Ray at The33 TV – See the YouTube video below
  • So 2008 was great and 2009 looks to be even better especially for search. Several questions intrigue me, like, how much will mobile search grow? How will Google promote impact search engine rankings?

    I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous New Year!