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Google AdWords adds additional reporting tools

Google AdWords continues to push the reporting envelope compared to Microsoft’s adCenter reporting. Google announced on Friday, Jan 21, the addition of customer interaction statistics they call “Free Clicks”. These stats show you how often visitors open a product extension plusbox or get directions to your store directly from their ad. For video and display ads, you can now see how long visitors are sticking around to watch your video or interact with your ad’s content.

Campaigns with a high number of “Free Clicks” could be an indication your ads are performing better than they appear to be elsewhere in your account. Read the entire post here.

Google Instant, R U Incensed?

Google has rolled out another new feature (they come out almost everyday with one for one or another of their products) and it’s called Google Instant. Basically Google is trying to figure out what you are searching for as you type your query. I don’t know if I like it or not and from a internet marketing perspective it certainly puts the pressure on to have clients listed in the top five organically and the top 8 paid but I do wonder what this will do to search overall.

Should I assume most people will now never go below the initial recommendations they see from Google Instant? Probably not and certainly we won’t know the answer until more time has passed and we can see statistically what is happening with results. I do think this will impact the cost per click for those participating in paid search, I mean after all being in the top 8 will have to be considered prime real estate, correct?

Well I’m sure Google had this in mind in some form before they launched Instant, I just hope it’s not detrimental to the business owner’s we work for.

The Info Group welcomes Best Buy Windows & Siding

Best Buy Windows & Siding has chosen The Info Group to develop, launch and manage their paid search campaign. Best Buy Windows & Siding sells energy efficient replacement windows, siding and patio covers to the Dallas & Fort Worth Metroplex. The initial campaign will mainly support their replacement windows and will provide a free energy audit to qualified visitors. Some landing pages will offer a video to visitors showing the effectiveness of their windows at repelling heat from the outside through the windows.

Tips to a Successful Holiday PPC Campaign

Since it’s the week before Thanksgiving that means Christmas is upon us and you should have started or be prepared to start a Holiday PPC campaign. I thought I would give a few tips that are the basis to all of the Holiday PPC campaigns we run for clients.

Keyword Strategy:

  • Seasonal Keywords – Look for keywords that are unique to Christmas such as Christmas gifts, Xmas gift, Holiday parties, etc. Don’t forget this is a holiday season for many religions, not just Christians.
  • Longtail Keywords – While researching your seasonal terms don’t forget the longtail versions. People searching for Christmas gifts may extend that to tie gifts for Christmas. Remember longtail keywords typically convert at a high rate.

Ad Copy Strategy:

  • Keep the holiday season mindset when developing ad copy. Use terms that relate to Christmas, Hanukkah and typical holiday speak like “Tis the season”. Don’t forget many shoppers wait until the last minute so if you offer last minute or overnight delivery this is a great time to let people know.
  • Sales – Using the term Holiday Sale can be very effective as can be catering to the early shopper with terms like Beat the rush or Order early. Providing a discount to early orders is an option to keep open as well. “Order by Dec 10, Get 20% off!

Landing Page Strategy:

  • Holiday look and feel – You’ve enticed the customer to click on your holiday ad so keep them in the spirit by giving your landing pages a holiday look and feel. Maybe it’s a color scheme or adding snowflakes or using holiday lingo like “HO, HO, HO – Welcome!” or all three, keeping the holiday theme going will enhance the visitors experience.
  • Expectations – If you are promoting a product that is very popular you want to keep the visitor informed as it relates to stock and delivery. The same is true for last minute shoppers, posting the drop-dead cutoff date for shipping to arrive before Christmas is not only informative but good customer service.

2009 has been a tough year and this holiday season could be make up for a lot of lost revenue. Take more time than normal and put some effort into creating your Holiday PPC Campaign and may the season be a blessed one to you.

If you’re looking for professional pay per click management we are expert PPC managers and welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Diamond Engagement Rings Anyone?

Spectrum Diamonds has signed The Info Group to help brand their new diamond engagement and wedding ring collection The Sylvie Collection with a national search engine marketing campaign. The campaign will focus on increasing brand awareness of this new collection, targeting searchers looking for engagement and wedding rings.