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Optimizing for Find-ability

So you’ve setup a YouTube account, you are posting pictures to Flickr and have a Facebook account as well, Great!!! The question is are you optimizing your social media to be found?

What I mean by that is it’s great you are participating in social media but you need to optimize your social media accounts and content to increase your find-ability. How do you do that?

Here are a couple of tips for the three social outlets I mentioned earlier.

  • YouTube, after you upload your video’s make sure you are use your keywords in your title, description and tags.
  • Flickr – In your profile description use keywords to describe yourself/company and link to your website. Use keywords in your photo file names.
  • Facebook – Make sure your business page is set to public. Link to your company website. Create a custom tab with keyword rich content. (Search for FBML if you don’t know how)

Finally every bit of content you create has a option to input meta data, make sure you’re doing that before you upload anywhere on the internet.

I don’t know if social media is the be all end all but it’s here and if you’re going to play, play smart.

Top 10 rankings a thing of the past?

Google rolled out personalized search to every user of their search engine and with that signaled the final days of top organic rankings being the metric to measure your SEO efforts with are clearly in view.

Say what? In a nutshell Google places a cookie on your machine and gathers your search history over time and then uses that information to show you what they think you are interested in. For example if you search for diamonds and click on every diamond ring dealer’s website and you do this several times over a period of time you will begin to see less results like Wikipedia (which doesn’t sell diamond rings) and more results for diamond ring merchants at the top of your results page when you continue to search for diamonds.

So what reason is there for SEO? Well, this doesn’t mean Google is giving up ranking sites it just means they want to deliver more relevant results to each user. With that said you will need to optimize your site for your products and services but you should look at traffic, visitor behaviors like time spent on site, etc to gauge the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

Why wouldn’t I just do nothing but PPC? You should engage in pay per click but keep in mind some studies show 70% of search engine users don’t click on PPC results, so if you only engage in pay per click you are limiting your audience reach.

I have no doubt personalization will impact rankings, it’s a foregone conclusion but it shouldn’t impact your SEO efforts. We moved away from trying to sell rankings a couple of years ago and moved toward selling the impact of SEO, like targeted traffic, etc. So if you are hung up on where your site ranks, GET OVER IT, because where it ranks on your machine probably isn’t where it ranks on mine.

Don’t sell it unless you can do it for yourself!

On occasion I like to do keyword searches as they relate to our business and in particular the market we target which is regional/local and I’m always amazed at the sales pitches from other SEM agencies but more so from advertising agencies who are selling search marketing services.

What amazes me is to read their sales pitch on how important search marketing is to a company yet when you do a search for keywords relating to SEO or search engine marketing these agencies don’t come up within the first 4 or 5 pages of organic results. Instead where you find them is paid search only, this ought to be a clue they don’t practice what they preach or don’t have the experience to deliver real results.

This goes to my headline, why would you buy SEM services from a company who can’t do it for themselves? Why would you hire an ad agency for a search engine optimization project when they don’t show up in organic listings? How could you trust they know what they are doing when they have not managed to do it for themselves?

Quite often I’ve taken a sales call and the first words out of the prospects mouth were I searched for SEO Dallas and you guys were in the top listings so I figured if you could do it for yourself you could do it for me.

Anyone can open a Adwords account and start a paid search campaign and anyone can fill up a keyword tag so don’t be fooled by the ad agency who dabbles in search marketing, ask them to prove it. Ask them what keywords they show up for in the organic listings, if they can’t show you lots of front page results tell them to have a nice day. Search marketing is about both organic and paid search not just one or the other.

You wouldn’t hire a car mechanic who couldn’t fix his own car so why would you hire an ad agency who doesn’t show up in the search engines?

Taking SEO to the streets

We are proud to annouce a new venture, Smart On SEO! Over the past 11 years many customers and prospects have express a desire to learn search engine optimization and so using the old saying “experience is the best teacher” as our mantra we have developed a one day class that leaves the attendee with a plan and the tools to fast track their SEO project.

If chat rooms, forums and online video just don’t hack it for you, join us and learn what it takes to provide a solid SEO foundation for your website. Our live, one-day class includes:

  • Identifying technical website problems
  • Keyword research
  • Title and Meta tag development
  • Content optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Increasing link popularity
  • Analyzing your results
  • So if you are a entrepreneur, small business owner, or a sales and marketing professional interested in maximizing your online marketing budget by increasing the visibility of your website in the natural results of search engines, then REGISTER and get Smart On SEO!