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Google Goes Back In Time with Enhanced Campaigns

Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns
In response to the ever expanding world of devices and how behavior has changed (we now use multiple devices during the day), Google has rolled out their new Enhanced Campaigns. This is their answer to delivering the right result to the right person at the right time, right? Well the first thought I had was, ok, we’ve gone back in time when every campaign was delivered to every device unless you knew that you could customize the delivery under advanced settings. However after trying to setup a new campaign that needed to send visitors to two different landing pages depending on device I found a small glitch. Google has not addressed two url’s in the new Enhanced ads. Sure you can check the mobile box during ad creation and your ads will be delivered to mobile devices only (or so they say, more on that in a bit) but you cannot then specify a different landing page for the mobile only ads. In essence you have to create a seperate set of ad groups that are mobile only. Hmm, isn’t this what you had to do in the old (Legacy) version? Yes it is.

I found all of this out during a chat with Google Help and was assured changes are on the way to address two urls in the Enhanced campaigns, my question is why wasn’t that part of the initial rollout? I mean Google has been all about mobile for several years now, heck you can hardly find a Adwords blog post or webinar that doesn’t reference mobile usage and all of the exciting new features Google is adding to address it. So how did this initial roll out not include the ability to send traffic to seperate mobile and desktop landing pages without creating seperate adgroups? Makes no sense to me.

There was another issue that arose which my Google rep could not answer with a definite yes or no. The issue was if you check the mobile box during ad creation will ALL of the traffic coming from that ad be mobile only and vice versa, if the box is unchecked will all of that traffic be desktop only? Probably best to just let you read the transcript from the chat. Please note the dance around the definitive yes or no answer.

me 5:17 PM
so when i create a mobile only adgroup do i need to check the mobile box during ad creation to ensure those ads go only to mobile traffic?
Jamie A 5:18 PM
I would – it’s always good the system more information.
me 5:18 PM
will the mobile ads still go to desktop as well?
Jamie A 5:19 PM
Not if you check the box.
So, yes, you should.
me 5:20 PM
ok, to be clear, with the mobile box checked those ads are only delivered to mobile, with the mobile box unchecked those ads are only delivered to desktop
Jamie A 5:20 PM
That’s the aim.
me 5:21 PM
aim is not a definite yes or no .. please tell me i won’t be sending desktop traffic to a mobile page
Jamie A 5:23 PM
You check the box so as to indicate to the system that those ads should be served to people on mobile, not desktop.
me 5:24 PM
ok, you don’t sound convinced the system works but I have no choice i guess
Jamie A 5:25 PM
Our system is extremely accurate. I have the utmost confidence.
I really wouldn’t worry about it.
Is there anything else I can help you out with today?

The net is this, I expect Google to work all of this out and the new Enhanced campaigns will make it easier to setup and manage Adwords campaigns.

Create a Mobile Site with Ease!

So the rage is mobile and although most if not all of the new smart phones have html browsers there seems to be enough data to suggest that mobile users have less patience than non-mobile users when it comes to zooming in and out, scrolling, etc. while browsing websites. It is also true that different mobile devices don’t support some technologies our desktop browsers do such as flash and javascript. To that end the current trend is to create a mobile friendly site. Great and I’m sure you just heard now I have to spend more money on development. Well I’ve found a easy to use solution that can remedy your worries.

piJnz is a mobile landing page creation tool that turns anyone into a mobile website developer. I just created a mobile website for a website that offers photo booths for rent and the process was fast and simple. So much so I had a two page website done in about 20 minutes including adding a plugin to the WordPress site that re-directs mobile traffic to the mobile site.

Signing up for a piJnz account is easy and they offer you thirty days free trial so you’ve got nothing to lose. Once you’ve signed up you are taken to your My Pages page which will eventually list all of the pages you’ve created. There is a button to create a new page and links to help files on how to create a mobile landing page and other subjects. Clicking on the Create New button takes you to a basic wysiwyg editor laid out like a cell phone. You can add additional functions to the page layout and take away functions/features from the page layout. It couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve create your page you save it and then can preview. Upon clicking the preview button a shadow box displays a cell phone with your content inside complete with scrolling buttons at the top and bottom. No need to check your phone to make adjustments to the page. Very simple and easy to use.

Pricing starts at $9.95 for a three page site and goes up to $175.95 for a 100 page site. Although the pages are hosted at piJnz you can point your own domain to piJnz to give a seamless experience to your visitors. This may not be the only mobile solution out there but it has to be one of the easiest to use for non-technical people, and affordable too!


The Future of Mobile Search?

The Future of Mobile Search?I love gadgets. That might also partially explain my love of James Bond movies as well. Maybe it’s a guy thing, maybe it’s a wanna be cool thing, don’t know and really don’t care. That being said when I came across this blog post on the future of mobile search I just had to share it. How much would this change the way you look at the world?

Are you mobile search ready?

In the past 18 months the volume of chatter regarding mobile search has grown into a low rumble and all indications are it will swell to a roar in the next few years. While the number of mobile surfers is not at a level comparable to pc based surfers it is growing and doing so at an alarming rate. So much so that Google mobile product manager Matt Waddell called it a watershed moment in a recent interview.

What does this mean to you?

Quite simply if you do not have a mobile version of your website in operation or on the drawing board you will get left behind. Mobile phones have now reached 75% penetration in the U.S. and 4 of 5 mobile phone users now request some sort of internet access when purchasing their phone. These kind of numbers combined with the increased energy from search engines to provide mobile friendly results (both in look and relevance, meaning why deliver search results that don’t look good and then send a mobile user a search result to a website that is not mobile friendly?) it does not take a rocket scientist to understand mobile search will impact the way people conduct business.

So the priorities of the business owner should now include a properly built mobile website to compliment their “pc” site and a presence in mobile search. Both of these tasks can be completed by The Info Group.