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Microsoft to buy Yahoo? Again?

Bing / Yahoo Partnership to be Permanent?It appears Microsoft’s feelings weren’t hurt too bad when Yahoo spurned their overtures in ’08. So says the WSJ reporting the software giant, who has repeatedly stumbled in the paid search arena, is putting together a proposal to buy the once dominate internet property.

One could assume the motivation is simple, instead of partnering to achieve the second largest search marketing outlet online, buying would allow Microsoft to obviously hold all of the cards, not only in profit but business strategy as well. Considering the missteps Microsoft has made over the years in trying to “crack the code” as it relates to a viable, sustainable search marketing business, the purchase of Yahoo would only guarantee they get a established presence.

Is it now Google VS Apple?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has resigned from the Apple board of directors. On the surface this could be another business announcement like thousands of others everyday. Underneath the surface this could be a bigger indication that the real battle Google is going to have to fight is not with Microsoft or Yahoo but instead is with Apple.

Several products from both are clearly in competition including:

  • Mobile – The iPhone is now being challenged by smartphones using Googles Android system.
  • Browser – Google’s Chrome since it’s release has beaten Apples Safari in market share
  • Operating System – While Google hasn’t released their new Chrome OS one could call it a potential rival to Mac OS X

I don’t think Google is not looking at Microsoft & Yahoo as competitors, I do think they have Apple in their crosshairs.