SEO … there’s an app for that.

SEO, there's an app for that.As anyone with a smartphone can testify to, if you have a need there is probably an app for it. Although SEO is a relatively niche market, it is large and once you include the folks on the fringe (those who have SEO responsibilities added into their regular jobs) the market is much bigger. So of course it makes sense there would be an app for that.

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Mark Stone (175 Posts)

In 1997 my brother Andy and I formed The Info Group which has grown into a full service Digital Marketing & Web Design Agency based in Dallas, TX. In 1998 I kept my musical juices flowing and formed FruitCake-SuperBeing an electronically challenged blues hop band. In 2008 we launched Smart On SEO a business offering live SEO Training in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. I have earned my Google Adwords Certification and Microsoft adExcellence Member status and hope to translate that into more business for The Info Group and become a Seminars for Success Trainer for Google Adwords and Analytics. This year also saw FruitCake-SuperBeing take an extended break, although late in the year I began working on a new musical project called Wedgie White. It's 2013 and The Info Group is still my "day job" but I've added photo booth to my skill set helping my wife run her business Photo Booth Rentals DFW. FruitCake-SuperBeing is back on the circuit and sounding better than ever.