Optimizing for Find-ability

So you’ve setup a YouTube account, you are posting pictures to Flickr and have a Facebook account as well, Great!!! The question is are you optimizing your social media to be found?

What I mean by that is it’s great you are participating in social media but you need to optimize your social media accounts and content to increase your find-ability. How do you do that?

Here are a couple of tips for the three social outlets I mentioned earlier.

  • YouTube, after you upload your video’s make sure you are use your keywords in your title, description and tags.
  • Flickr – In your profile description use keywords to describe yourself/company and link to your website. Use keywords in your photo file names.
  • Facebook – Make sure your business page is set to public. Link to your company website. Create a custom tab with keyword rich content. (Search for FBML if you don’t know how)

Finally every bit of content you create has a option to input meta data, make sure you’re doing that before you upload anywhere on the internet.

I don’t know if social media is the be all end all but it’s here and if you’re going to play, play smart.

Mark Stone (175 Posts)

In 1997 my brother Andy and I formed The Info Group which has grown into a full service Digital Marketing & Web Design Agency based in Dallas, TX. In 1998 I kept my musical juices flowing and formed FruitCake-SuperBeing an electronically challenged blues hop band. In 2008 we launched Smart On SEO a business offering live SEO Training in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. I have earned my Google Adwords Certification and Microsoft adExcellence Member status and hope to translate that into more business for The Info Group and become a Seminars for Success Trainer for Google Adwords and Analytics. This year also saw FruitCake-SuperBeing take an extended break, although late in the year I began working on a new musical project called Wedgie White. It's 2013 and The Info Group is still my "day job" but I've added photo booth to my skill set helping my wife run her business Photo Booth Rentals DFW. FruitCake-SuperBeing is back on the circuit and sounding better than ever.