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Dallas Law Firm Web Design

What sets your website apart?

  • Visibility – With more than two-thirds of law firms having websites it has become a challenge to be found. Can potential clients find you? Effective lawyer websites are not only visually appealing with relevant content and intuitive navigation but well optimized for the search engines.
  • First impressions – With so many competitors online your website must generate a positive first impression to get the visitor to click beyond the landing page, fill out a contact form or to pick up the phone and call you.  The right colors, imagery, content and ease of navigation are essential to keeping your visitors interested and turning them into clients.   A great design attracts visitors but content keeps them. Informative, effective content helps increase not only your search-engine visibility but can also establish you as an authority and enhance your reputation and helps qualify prospects.
  • Connect and convert.  Great search engine visibility will drive traffic to your website but that is only half of the battle, now you must turn those visitors into clients.  Does your website engage or is there a disconnect?  Are your visitors able to identify with your content and images?  Are they able to understand who you are, get a sense of your personality and what you are like to work with?  Your visibility, first impressions and ability to connect with the visitors all play a role in turning prospects into clients resulting in a growing bottom line.

We have experience developing websites for law firms throughout Dallas and Fort Worth Texas in numerous practice areas including family law, criminal law, personal injury and business law.  Contact us today for a free web design consultation.