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Keyword identification can be the most daunting task of search engine optimization and yet it is probably the single most important task when optimizing a website.

While it’s essential to get high rankings, those rankings do you no good if the keyword that is highly ranked is not one people are searching for. How many keywords should you have in your list research? 10? 100? 1,000? More?

Take the guessword out of your keyword work. Keyword research can tell you what keywords people are using, as well as, the competitiveness of your selections. This information will help you effectively find keywords that will bring you the targeted traffic you need to sell your goods and services.

Effective keyword research includes a process which finds the right variations to increase the breadth of the keyword list.

For example, finding this site you might have typed “search engine optimization”, another visitor might have used “search optimization” and still another might have used “optimize for search engines”. Effective research processes will find the best combination of keywords that will pull in hundreds, even thousands of variations, driving additional targeted traffic to your site.

So how can we help you? With over 8 years of experience in keyword research we have developed, tested and refined proven keyword research processes which produce the lists most likely to drive your targeted website traffic. We use numerous tools to mine actual visitor habits and keyword use. We combine that with an understanding of current trends and their impact onyour visitor behavior, your potential competitors’ activities and we then deliver PROVEN RESULTS!