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Improve Link Popularity

Improve and Increase Your Link Popularity with a Link Building Campaign from The Info GroupSearch engine optimization alone can only achieve a certain amount of success. You must understand all aspects of each search engine algorithm to truly achieve high rankings. An important component of many search engine algorithms is link popularity. Google uses the number and quality of inbound and outbound links to that site to help determine the ranking of that site. If a site has links from many prominent and well-respected sites it will result in higher search engine rankings. Link building strategies and link popularity can also provide additional sources of highly targeted traffic.

Getting links from link farms and other irrelevant sources will not help you achieve top search engine placement and can actually hurt your rankings in some engines.

Directory Submissions

Web directories are a great source for improving link popularity. Unlike search engines that rely on robots to find sites, most web directories are human edited and usually allow more control in how the listing will be displayed.

The Info Group will hand submit your website to various web directories

  • DMOZ
  • Yahoo
  • BOTW

Niche Directories

Niche directories are an excellent source to improve link popularity as they are recognized by most search engines as a very relevant link. These directories are industry or subject specific and usually require a submission fee to be considered for inclusion. A few examples of niche directories are:

  • Pet Search
  • TV Radio World
  • All Health Links

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of relevant content to a clearly defined and targeted market with the intent of driving customer acquisition. Content marketing is relatively new concept but can be extremely effective in increasing your bottom line.

Press Release

Press releases can positively impact link popularity if your release is of value. Gone are the days when you could put out a press release talking about how great you are and expect it to have any sort of impact. This strategy really has become about real, relevant information.