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When we started The Info Group in 1998, search engine ranking was a term used to describe the simple and immediate process of getting a website ranked. In this infant stage of the use of the web, algorithms used by the search engines were simple and relatively un-exploited.

Today, the practice of guiding the design of a website to naturally (organic) attract visitors by gaining top rankings on search engines for specific keyword phrases is called search engine optimization or SEO.

With more than 90% of all Internet searchers using the 3 major search engines and those users searching only the top 30 results on average, how can your business not afford to have a relevant search engine presence?

Our proven SEO optimization techniques ensure you top rankings in the major search engines and, more importantly, increased targeted traffic to your web site. That’s VAP!

How Do We Do It?

We combine our 10 years of experience, our knowledge built from deep SEO research and our proven white-hat techniques to produce an optimization plan which will result in meeting your marketing goals.

A standard search engine optimization plan includes:

Once the initial search engine optimization plan has been completed (6 – 9 months) we develop a maintenance program to ensure your organic rankings continue to meet your marketing goals:

  • Generate monthly metric reports
  • Implement a deep optimization plan
  • Engage in interactive management conferences